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Is this the band you are looking for?

Polirytmi consist of talented music enthusiasts. We have a lot of experience on different events and set-ups – from a classic pianoduo to a big party band with full horn and percussion sections. When ever you need a music performance in your events Polirytmi is an excellent choice.

How about style?

Polirytmi as at its best when playing classy jazz and blues and groovy party music with a funky touch. There are both old classics and new hits on our set lists, always with a recognizable Polirytmi-twist. However, feel free to express your own style wishes as well as your favorite songs when booking.

How much music do you need?

In music scene we talk about sets. One set means 45 minutes of music. 45 minutes play time + 15 min break is usually a good plan both for listeners and musicians.

Some of the most typical examples:

1 x 45 min:

  • Party gigs, wedding gigs, pre-christmas parties, background jazz during dinner or seminar breaks etc.

2 x 45 min:

  • Wedding gigs, party- and background music etc

Naturally there are way more different situations, and sometimes the set can be only 15 or even 75 min. We will help you to find the best option for you event!

But where can I find the sound system?

Just tell as the details about the event itself and the size of the venue, we will handle the rest. We’re not afraid of even the biggest events.

Ask for more!

Tell us the date, venue and the details of the event (how much music you need etc). With this information we can estimate the price of the gig. As a nonprofit organization we can sell our gigs tax-free.