Become a member

Anyone regardless of their academic background is welcome to join Polirytmi, even if you’ve already graduated! We value diversity of all kinds.

However, there is one hoop to jump through before you can be declared a full member… you have to first participate on a Polirytmi gig.

But how do I get to be on a gig?

There is no official test or exam for this step. The easiest way is to be an active participant in the weekly Thursday Jam sessions, displaying your willingness and ability to play together with others. There you can personally convey your desire for a membership to the Artistic Director, who will then put you on the list of people to consider whenever the next gig opportunity arrives. When it does, you will personally be invited to play on the gig. If it just so happens that the particular offer doesn’t fit you schedule, dont worry! You will stay on the list for as long as it takes for a mutually opportune occasion to arrive.

So what happens after my first gig?

After finishing your first gig, you will be granted a full membership at the very next board meeting, after which you are welcome to enjoy the multitude of membership-perks, including various refreshments and access to the training room. And of course, we hope to see you participating on many more Polirytmi gigs in the future, to your delight and ours.

Groove on!